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July 24th, 7:35pm

Get to know the name Jody Hice. Unless something very surprising happens, he’s going to be a member of Congress next year.

Hice, a Baptist minister and conservative radio show host, has also said the First Amendment should not cover Islam, once likened being born gay with being born violent and said it is okay for women to hold positions of power in politics, so long they are within their husband’s authority.

July 24th, 6:55pm 2 notes

In a victory for pro-life advocates who provide abortion alternatives for women outside abortion clinics in New Hampshire, a federal judge put a halt to the state law that establishes a buffer zone preventing free speech.

July 24th, 6:52pm

FIRE, a free speech watchdog organization for college campuses is beginning to flex its muscles in litigation. I am happy about this new turn of events.